BlogCatalog T-Shirt Slogans

BlogCatalog is probably one of the best bloggers’ online hangouts nowadays. It’s a blog directory, a help forum for bloggers, a general discussion board, a social network, and much more - all rolled into one site.

Anyway, the other day, the BlogCatalog admins were looking for a slogan for a new BlogCatalog T-Shirt. First I thought about paraphrasing Julius Caesar, so I came up with “I came, I saw, I bookmarked…” – but it’s wasn’t that creative. So I thought, why not motivate new users to sign up? “AdSense money not enough for alcohol and hookers? Post your blog here!” - but I wasn’t sure they approve of using curse words like AdSense. Then I thought about the fact that I visit this site on a daily basis, so I offered “Destroying offline social lives since 2004…” – but that was too sad and pretty lame. I almost retreated to using an old one of mine like “The servers cost a fortune, the least you can do is check out the site…”, but as I said, it’s an old one. It’s a social network too, I said to myself, and came up with “Meeting your friends as in MySpace, minus the epileptic seizure effect…” – but I wasn’t sure it’s wise to aggravate a site in that magnitude. Then, I thought, why hold back? “Where even the greatest blogging legends are reduced to a 50x50 avatars…”, “It's not a smudge on your shirt, it's our logo”, “Please sign up; our admin is sick of creating fictive accounts…”, “We paid $9.29 for the domain; a few more years and we might even return the initial investment…”, “In this community, it's the members' intellect returning the 404 errors…”

I wonder which one they’ll pick.

p.s. Was that 1000 bytes in a kilobyte, or 1024 meters in a kilometer? (credit not mine)


machinehuman said...

“Destroying offline social lives since 2004…” - sad but true.

NanoGeek said...

Hey If you can make custom T-shirt with BlogCatalog Widgets.

-My Neighborhood and have Pics of your Favorite Bloggers

-My Recent Viewers will be a little harder again you can go with just your favorite bloggers pics and web address

-Maybe you can have just the IP address of your blog and a little logo powered by Blog Catalog

Hey I know none of these are Slogans but the only Slogan I know is "Feed the Geek"

NanoGeekTech & Science version 2.0

Puddock said...

Love that t-shirt!

Puddock said...

"My blogroll is unfeasibly long..."

Puddock said...

"My other blog's in the Top 100 on Technorati"

Blogcatalog might not like that one...

BillyWarhol said...

I still like BlogCatalog - it's overtaken MyBlogLog by a Country Mile*


EntreCard RED HOT DROPPING!!******




Cheers Everybody!! Billy ;)) Peace*

YogaforCynics said...

I'd definitely buy the “AdSense money not enough for alcohol and hookers? Post your blog here!” one...

Dano MacNamarrah said...

How about,

"Blogging beats snogging"?

Oh right, we're in America.