Hello World - Birth of a New Blogger

To be honest, I’ve always thought blogs are just pink static HTML pages designed by 13 year old girls with pigtails writing about how they love Britney Spears. Although pictures of Spears are probably considered well spent kilobytes by most of the Y chromosomes on the western world, writing about her seems to me like a complete waste of good hosting server disk space. I never read a blog and never posted a comment in the first 32 years of my life.

The last war between Israel and Lebanon changed all that. During the war, I’ve found myself almost every night surfing several popular Lebanese blogs, exchanging thoughts and ideas, while we all tried to understand how things are perceived on the other side of the border, striving for a sane solution for an insane situation. Towards the end of the war I was drafted too. I've spent two weeks actually fighting in northern Israel, and another two weeks on the Golan height on alert. When I got back home to my family, I already knew - I will soon become a blogger myself. Oren Ellenbogen, a colleague and a friend of mine, with his excellent and popular blog on software development, gave me the last push, and the rest is history.

In this blog, I will present some ideas of mine (and others) about computers, biology, philosophy, mythology, physics, math and science fiction. I'll try and keep my posts short, sort of like an introduction to a subject, and hope for an interesting debate on the comments section. I hope you'll like my blog. If not, please tell me and I will delete all the text and just post pictures of Britney.

p.s. PETA officials continue to insist armadillos do not taste like bananas.


Oren Ellenbogen said...

Congratz dude!
Keep on posting!

Uri Kalish said...

Thanks dude.

yair.h said...

Liked the Winona's part :) (Your loving sister)

Uri Kalish said...