Creative Camp

What an amazing concept! My company just had a creative camp. It’s a two day off-work geek-style camp designed to let the more “creative” people in the company mingle and have fun, in an attempt to initiate future productive cooperation between employees from different departments who wouldn’t have met otherwise. Some of the content was provided by our amazing human resources department, and some of it was provided by the employees themselves. There were workshops, presentations, and lectures about many fascinating subjects, like new technologies, image processing, musical instruments, amazing facts etc. I myself gave a biology lecture about DNA. We had a gadget show where everyone could present their cool gadgets. They hired one of the best magicians in the country for a one hour amazing magic show. They brought in some professionals to teach us how to juggle, how to walk on a rope, how to make giant soap bubbles, how to break dance. A guy that makes special effects for movies showed us a pistol that can toss playing cards to a distance of about a 100 feet, launching tubes for potatoes activated by air pressure, igniting gas-filled soap bubbles, and several other cool devices. We had music jamming sessions, drums session, outdoor cooking, cocktails lessons, and we built an unnecessarily complicated Rube Goldberg machine to throw Mentos into a Diet Coke bottle. At night we watched the moon with a giant telescope, made a fire, sang with guitars, and launched hot air balloons into the night sky. Wow!

As the company’s band, we also put up a music show with 6 players on stage. I was the singer and also played some electric guitar. We played “Sunny” by Boney M, “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi, an up-tempo version of Elton John’s “Your Song” mixed with Green Day’s “Basket Case”, Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” played as a reggae song with some Jamaican influenced lyrics, and “Summer in the City” by Joe Cocker. More pictures of our show can be found HERE. You must convince your company to create an event like this - it was awesome!

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ranfuchs said...

other than being fun, did it have any long term impact?