Army Reserve Duty

Part 1 - May 12
I'm leaving for some infantry training as part of my upcoming army reserve duty. Me and my dear old worn out army bag (in the picture) are getting ready.
See you.

Part 2 - May 15
I'm back home for a short vacation. It seems like this round is going to be safe for me, since this time, instead of patrolling our assigned sector, I'm supposed to assume a role in our Command and Control Center.

Part 3 - May 26
Back to the army.

Part 4 - June 6
Done! Back home.

No p.s. for you! Come back one month!


machinehuman said...

Hope everything goes all right. Good luck Kalish!

chris navin said...

Be safe, sir.

Ran Mainzer said...

You are the man, Kalish.
Like moses, waiter, Holon said once: "Heychan yeshnam od anashim kemo ha'ish hahoo". and a translation for those who don't speak Hebrew - Where are the people like that man......
chazak ve'emats (strong & brave)

Where is Miller...???

AIGBusted said...

Nice blog!

I bet you would enjoy my blog, I debunk creationism and intelligent design!


Kevin Goodman said...

Are you an officer? Be careful.

Uri Kalish said...


No, I'm not an officer.

It seems like it's gonna be safe for me, since this time, instead of patrolling the sector, I'm supposed to assume a role in the Command and Control Center. Thanks anyway.

RainforestRobin said...

Go safe, and thank you for contacting me. I love this site. It is SO beautiful and simple in the most elegant way. Good for you! I am going to add you to my neighborhood and come back to this blog.

AA said...

All the best love - take care and remember the journey. said...

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Caoimhin said...

Welcome back!

rv dealers said...

This will be pretty hard task uri . Best of luck