Boogie’s Quest Commences, His Attack on Web 2.0 Begins

Last week, Oren Ellenbogen a.k.a. “Boogie”, a colleague from work, a living blogging legend, the one who convinced me to create this blog and a good friend of mine, left my company to pursue his dream, for a new web 2.0 related startup named Delver.

We only worked together for a few months, but I feel very fortunate and privileged to be given the chance to know you, my good friend. Although I’m almost old enough to be your father, I can say without a shred of doubt, you have been one of my wisest teachers. You are exceptionally affable, knowledgeable, intelligent, talented and enthusiastic, and even on the darkest most frustrating days, you managed to create this positive vibe around you, making the rest of us believe everything is within our reach. Good luck on your new and exciting journey. Knowing you, I’m sure you’ll succeed in every path you’ll choose to travel. You are a young voyager and everything is still within your grasp, so shed old skin and prepare to be reborn where beautiful design patterns decorate exotic data structures. Seize the day. Own the web. Conquer the world. Leave no survivors. Embark on this new adventure of yours, raise your sail and strive for the horizon - your destiny awaits you.

Thanks for all the memories.
Missing you already,
Uri Kalish & the PC clan.

p.s. Hey cat, you’ve got eight extra souls, what’s the story with all that jumpiness?


Oren Ellenbogen said...

damn, you almost made me cry. for real. It was MY pleasure working shoulder to shoulder with you on some crazy bits&bytes. I will miss our daily converstaions, I hope we could still have those over a beer. btw - it's still not too late to prepare a real-size poster of yourself so I can put it in the office you know... Thanks for everything Number.

Uri Kalish said...

Man, the real size poster thing is too megalomanic - even for me, but if you need something to remember me by, you can always use the zebra song (I’m the singer) we recorded a few months ago:

Take care, dude.

Onn said...

May the gods be with you Boggie Man!!!!!!