Welcome to Sona - Prison Break Season Two Finale


Kudos to the guys behind Prison Break! The second season finale was superb. Just when I though it can’t get any better… The twists and turns in the plot were handled brilliantly (as always), still maintaining a reasonable reliability factor throughout the two long seasons. The cast is every director’s dream. I have my criticism about mister face-freeze one-expression-suit-all Dominic Purcell (Burrows), but all the others are amazing, especially Wentworth Miller (Scofield), Willliam Fichtner (Mahone), Wade Williams (Bellick), and my favorite hold-my-pocket god Robert Knepper (T-Bag). The corridor scene at the end was so amazing! The narrow dark wet corridor, the bluish light from the windows, the candles, the weird characters, the graffiti, the voices, the music - all blending in to give you this scary mysterious out-of-this-world atmosphere. This scene definitely goes into my hall of fame.

It seems like the third season will be more like the first one, which is great (prison is a 24x7 monitored environment which creates a constant pressure on the escapees). All my favorite characters, T-Bag, Mahone, Scofield and Bellick, all locked up together trying to escape from Sona. I just can’t wait! Does anybody own a fast-forward life remote control I can borrow?

p.s. Spider-man made it. Bat-man made it. Why discriminating Roach-man?

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