Galactic Shockwave - BattleStar Galactica

BattleStar Galactica SPOILER WARNING!!!

Oh my God, they killed Starbuck! You bastards! At exactly 00:40:12 into last week’s episode of the science fiction television show Battlestar Galactica, Kara Thrace’s viper blew up in the maelstrom, sending a galactic shockwave through my peaceful world. Starbuck is dead. The beautiful rebel-tomboy-ace-pilot, played brilliantly by Katee Sackhoff is my favorite character on the show (along with Gaius Baltar), and all you Number Six fans will just have to excuse me. Battlestar Galactica manages to surprise me with each episode, maintaining the right balance between action and drama, making it the best sci-fi show in town (although my personal all-time favorite science fiction television show still remains Joseph Michael Straczynski's mythical Babylon 5).

As we all BSG fans know, the third season is about to end soon, so here is my guess: Somewhere in the beginning of the next season, Starbuck will wake up in a Cylon resurrection pod. Kara Thrace as a frakin’ toaster… Emmm… sounds like a great starting point to the fourth season. So say we all?

p.s. Myth busted. I threw a catfish a few times from the second floor. It almost never landed on its feet.


Sarah said...

Not gonna look, not gonna look... Haha, just kidding. I already knew about it. I've also read spoilers for the finale, which, if they're true, sound... out of control. I am still finishing up the back episodes from Season 2, so I refuse to watch.

She better be back. I named my cat after her.

Uri Kalish said...

Starbuck rules!!!

DD said...

Right before Starbuck and Apollo went out on their final mission, they reminisce--"you're the by-the-book CAG, I'm the hotshot screw-up pilot, just like before and that's all we'll be," she says. I liked that line; one last time, back to the basics, no different from the original series. And now we're going to find out that, no, Starbuck is something else after all--a Cylon, a prophet...your pet cat? In any case, I am trying to steer clear of spoilers.

Uri Kalish said...

I liked that line too.
I'll miss you Kara, come back soon.

Mojoey said...

I feel your pain. Starbuck rocked.

toomanytribbles said...

she'd better come back. there would have been no reimagining without her.